Macchiato Palette

Catppuccin is a community-driven pastel theme that aims to be the middle ground between low and high contrast themes. It consists of 4 soothing warm palettes with 26 eye-candy colors each, perfect for coding, designing, and much more! In addition, this repository tracks the development of the actual color palette, the project's documentation, organization-wide assets, resources and code samples for maintainers/developers.


🧠 Design Philosophy

  • Colorful is better than colorless: the colorfulness of something contributes to the distinction amongst the parts of that something, making it marginally easier to understand how things are structured.
  • There should be balance: not too dull, not too bright. Suitability under various light conditions is a must.
  • Harmony is superior to dissonance: vivacious colors must complement each other.


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📜 License

Catppuccin is released under the MIT license, which grants the following permissions:

  • Commercial use
  • Distribution
  • Modification
  • Private use

For more convoluted language, see the LICENSE.


❤️ Gratitude

Thanks to the following tools developing this project is possible:


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